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About us

NORMATIV is production and technical company founded in 1988 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The company continues to supply solutions and services to its customers for more than 25 years.

The main focus of the company's activities is automation of production process on the basis of conveyor systems.

Our team includes 30 experienced professionals.

The company's structure includes the following subdivisions:

  • Marketing Department
  • Design
  • Department Production (Machinery) Site
  • Assembly Area
  • Warehouses

This allows us to provide a range of services:

  • Engineering and design
  • Manufacturing of equipment + software
  • Assembling and commissioning

Company's activities

конвейеры, транспортеры комплексные технические решения промышленная мебель
Automated modular assembly line Conveyor equipment Integrated technical solutions Industrial furnishing

The NORMATIV Company is engaged in manufacturing conveyor systems of stainless or structural steel as well as the anodized aluminium extrusions, industrial furnishing, and aggregate assembling lines (ergonomically designed tables, conveyors, and accessories based on the aluminium extrusions).

Conveyor equipment

The special place in the range of services we offer is reserved for production of transport systems based on an in-house anodized aluminium extrusion (see the range of products in the Aluminiumextrusions section).
Design of transporters with anodized aluminium extrusions includes a wide range of connective elements intended for the further expansion of the customer's existing system based on an individual project, as well as for the installation additional hardware, such as: supports, side guides, stops, sensors, etc.

Integrated technical solutions

We provide design for the production scheme with reference to the areas and utilities; conduct field supervision during manufacturing; we can also arrange delivery of equipment in any region. We perform installation and commissioning, as well as the staff training.

Our company supplies design on a turnkey basis, which means that we can offer you complex designs: automated conveyor systems implementing the complete cycle step by step:

  • analysis and consulting,
  • engineering and design;
  • modelling,
  • development of equipment for production lines;
  • equipment manufacturing;
  • software;
  • testing;
  • installation and commissioning;
  • support during commissioning and running

How it works:

The Company's Marketing Department receive applications from the customers by e-mail and fax, processes, execute business proposals, and send them to the Customers. At the stage of business proposal execution the managers engage the Design Department to ensure the optimal technical solutions and perform custom tasks.

If necessary, our managers and design engineers go to the Customer's entity to discuss future projects together, agree on technical specifications, take the necessary measurements, and then prepare the final proposals and projects.

Then the projects are implemented.

Industrial furnishing
(Dollies, Assembly tables,Mini-lines)

Ergonomic approach to workplace organization can improve the safety and efficiency of the employees based on the characteristics of human organism: ergonomically designed workplace of the operator may increase their efficiency up to 40%!

Our company manufactures both standard models and custom-made ones, tailored for specific production: The construction of the aluminium table has its individual design in accordance with the production requirements of the customer and may be introduced to the single assembly line.

Our lines consist of modules that are easy to dismantle, and you will be able to do independently as follows:

  • change the table saturation for a new purpose;
  • model a new configuration;
  • broaden the opportunities of the line, using additional equipment and aluminium extrusions;
  • organise a new assembly process within a working shift.

In-house production

The NORMATIV Company's productive capacity includes two sites: Production (Machinery) and Assembling.

The Production site is equipped with a machine area which includes turning, milling, drilling machines, a parting shear, a jig boring machine, a CNC-controlled machine for manufacturing screws on the filling and packing line, grinding and sawing machines, cutting machines, a welding station for electric arc and argon welding, a combined hydraulic shearing press for punching and shearing, etc.

The Assembly site is equipped with tools for assembling of conveyor systems, a specific cutting machine to cut anodized aluminium extrusions, equipment testing stand, stock of conveyor components, drives, conveyor chains, modular belts, and anodized aluminium extrusions. Equipment is supposed to undergo a mandatory pre-test before being shipped to a customer.

The experts of our company conduct the assembly, installation, and commissioning of the equipment directly at the customer's production site.

All equipment is warranted for 12 months.

Product list:

анодированный алюминиевый профиль арматура
Aluminium extrusions Accessories Valves

Valves of stainless steel

The NORMATIV Company is a supplier of stainless valves and equipment for the food and chemical industries.

We can help you to find the equipment that meets the specifications requirements of your production needs, as well as the various piping and valves made of AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 316L stainless steel:
butterfly valves ,  safety valves , couplings , elbow bends , increasers, T-joints, sight glass, etc.

See the range of the offered equipment in our product list in the Valves section:

Our company has its own consistently maintained stock of valves and stainless steel piping, including hundreds of items. You may send your request by e-mail, fax, or simply make a phonecall to find out whether your desired item is in stock. Afterwards, our manager will place your order and send you a bill.

Our customers

The NORMATIV Company has performed a whole range of works on design, manufacturing, installation, software and commissioning of conveyor systems for various applications for:

  • bakery and confectionery industry;
  • bank premises;
  • meat processing industry;
  • electric appliance manufacturing;
  • animal feed production;
  • construction industry;
  • fish processing industry;
  • household appliances,
  • alcoholic and soft beverage industry;
  • sanitary ware products;
  • dairy industry;
  • electric appliances;
  • animal feed production;
  • electrical switching elements and boards;
  • canned foods industry;
  • lighting;
  • mining and processing industry (for sintering);
  • wood processing industry

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